They say you lose time when you sleep,
But I’m just tryna dream.

Where does the time go?

Its 4am, Snowed in. Absolutely nothing to do nowadays besides work. And School starts in a week.


I guess i should start updating this since most people say blogging is a form of therapy. Not like i need it or anything, but i guess its good to get things out of your head and on to paper, right? 

Anyway, school starts in like a week. Another semester at TU. Kinda sucks that most of my friends are on the verge of graduating and i have what seems like forever to go. Its whatever tho, i guess im still pretty young so i have plenty of time to do what i have to do. But still, some of the goals i set for myself are mostly long-term, and i definitely don’t have the patience to fulfill any of them. Maybe i look forward to the future way too much, but maybe that could also be a good thing? Who knows. 

Either way, this year i definitely need to go some place far away for a week or two and just chill the fuck out. It feels like i been working myself non-stop for the past year. Thats not even that long and the time flew by, but when i think about it, i’m like damn, i really have been busy. I’m either at work, or at school. I never really have free time, and when i do, i try to make the most of it, but there really isn’t anything to do nowadays. It sucks.

Hopefully this hard work pays off. I think im gonna get to use some vacation days at work soon and It would be awesome to go to Europe or Vegas this year. Too bad that’s most likely not gonna happen considering the majority of my friends don’t have money. Oh well, i guess ill just keep doing me and hopefully things will start to look up.

2011, i hope you are good to me.

Just started this

Just started this to see what the hype was all about.. now tryna figure this out.. but i can already tell that i like this better than twitter/facebook etc.